Lifefolio of Spicer Matthews

  • 2010

    skyclerk logo

    Launch (as a Cloudmanic Labs product) Skyclerk: a web-based accounting and bookkeeping application for small businesses.

  • 2010

    rental books logo

    Launch (as a Cloudmanic Labs product) RentalBooks a SaaS based solution for property managers and Landlords. Use as an internal for Matthews Etc. Property Management for years.

  • 2010

    fork fly

    Launch (as a Cloudmanic Labs product) MealStub a Daily Deal site focused on the restaurant industry. Later sold to Fly Media, Inc.

  • 2009

    marry image

    I marry Carolina Matthews. She is now educating our youth.
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  • 2008

    elevation logo

    As a consultant-turned-partner, I help launch Elevation Fitness: a SaaS based solution for personal trainers.

  • 2007


    Finally graduate from Portland State University. Studied Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and business. It took way too long to graduate. I guess I was focused on other things.

  • 2007

    Start investing in the equities and options markets as a branch of Matthews Etc.

  • 2005

    Start Matthews Etc. Construction. We build multi family homes all over Oregon. Increase margins through the use of internally built custom software.

    Close down company in 2008 as a result of the recession.

  • 2005

    south america logo

    On a trip to snowboard South America to get away and blow off some steam, I meet the love of my life: Carolina Matthews (then Carolina Garcia).

  • 2004

    Start OverstockMe: a wholesale electronics distribution business. Use profits to fund Real Estate development.

    Close down this business in 2008 as the recession took major hits on our profit margins. One of the most fun businesses I have ever run.

  • 2003

    matthews etc logo

    Become a Real Estate Investor through Matthews Etc. which later morphed into a fully operating investment firm and property management business. We build technology to better our margins in this traditional business.

  • 2000

    Go full swing into web consulting as Matthews Etc. Internet Services which later was a big reason for me to move to Portland, Oregon (more opportunity).

    cloudmanic labs logo

    This web business is now Cloudmanic Labs.

  • Arrested for making fake IDs. Not my proudest moment, but the press coverage spring loaded my consulting business. The IDs were just so I could hang out with my older friends on snowboard trips.

  • spicer skateboarding

    Start Matthews Etc. Skateboards as a retail skateboard shop out of my girlfriend's car. Later to open up a retail location in an office mall.

    Retire from the skateboard business in 2001.

  • 1997

    Start a vending business with my Dad under the name Matthews Etc. Reinvest some of the profits from the debt collection business. Purchase gum ball machines and gum balls from Sam's Club and put our machines all over town.

    A year later, I purchase my Dad's half of the business. Close the business down in late 1999 because the machines were being broken into and it was too much of a headache to manage.

  • 1995

    Start a debt collection business with my Dad. He did the communications; I managed the "back office". Short lived business but had good profit margins.

  • Fall off ski lift 15 feet and land on my back. No major injuries, but it confirms my endless love for snow sports.

  • 1982

    Born in upstate New York to Tom & Chris Matthews. Second of 2 kids.