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21 June 2011 | talking about Announcements

new spicermatthews.com
Overall I am pretty ok with myself, and I am embarrassed with very few things in life. However, one thing that has embarrassed me for years has been my personal website and how little time and effort I have put into it. This embarrasses me for two reasons.

Reason one, I am always telling people they must get a personal site up. They must blog, they must share ideas, they must share with others “what they are selling”. Whenever a friend loses a job, my first advice always is: start a website now. No one cares about your resume. No one cares how good your cover letter is. Good employers, investors, advisers, partners, and so on will spend way more time getting to know you via your personal website. After giving all this advice I chose the first wordpress theme I could find and released. Very little thought into my personal brand. In 3 years of having a personal domain I invested practically no time on my site.

Reason two, I build websites for a living! While not a designer, I really pride myself on building amazing looking sites. I do this by surrounding myself with the best designers I can convince to work with me, and never letting a less then perfect design go live.  Some people view the Internet as a tool, not caring what it looks like. Who cares what your hammer looks like, right? Others see the Internet as one big art project. Why can’t the Internet be both? I think I would enjoy building a deck if my tools were more enjoyable (well maybe not but….). Heck my wife certainly makes sure the cleaning tools match. She tries to get everything in red for the kitchen, green for the backyard, blue for the car wash smile. In my professional life, I have always demanded things be as useful as possible while being enjoyable to look at. Web programing meets top notch design.

As of today I am happy to announce I am no longer embarrassed. The new spicermatthews.com is here and will keep getting better! Never again will I let my personal brand suffer.  If you are looking for something that did not make it over to my new site you can check out My Old Site here


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