Hate Politics: Why I Put a Hillary Sign in My Yard

6 November 2016 | talking about Random Thoughts

I usually don’t care too much about election outcomes. I believe we have an increasing range of tools that empower us to build sub-governments—and ask for forgiveness, not permission. When we can create change directly as private citizens the function of elected officials as representatives of our interests is less important. Although I look forward to a world in which we can make policy change via Twitter, that reality might be a long way off. So given my views about elections why did I decide to become a vocal Hillary supporter and put a sign in my yard? One word: HATE. The opposition to Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the Democratic party has devolved beyond disagreement to breathtakingly vicious hate. Our history is checkered, but I believe that on the whole we are a country that stands up hate—not one the fosters it.

I have witnessed many whom I hold in high regard become enraged by Hillary. People who otherwise demonstrate good manners call Hillary the “C” word. These same people are equally enraged by President Obama and anyone who shares similar views. The election news bears witness to a torrent of lies and appalling acts of physical violence and intimidation. Despite their claims, these haters are not promoting American values. Supporters of Hillary and friends are neither exhibiting nor inciting the same level of rage. Outrage can be productive—rage cannot.

I know Hillary has done some questionable things, but her actions don’t merit much outrage. I’m not sure I have ever used the “C” word, but if I do it will be for a much more deserving person. As for President Obama, as far as I can tell he has run one of the cleanest presidencies ever, period. No scandals. Never a question of his ethics. And yet...

What disgusts me is that the United States is a democracy and this hate undermines the democratic process. President Obama was fairly elected twice. This fact means that his values and goals are what the majority of (voting) Americans want. During his presidency he has tried admirably to deliver what he sold the American people to get elected. How can you hate him for that? I can understand disagreeing with the beliefs and actions of our elected officials, but I just cannot see any value in hatred.

My vote for Hillary is a vote against the haters. I really hope that when this election season is over we can stop hating and start accepting. Sometimes in elections your values and views win, and sometimes they don’t. That’s how democracy works. More important, that’s how America works. Our core values are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Hate isn’t part of the equation. We should be able to treat everyone with respect even if we don’t agree.


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