Spicer 2.0 (my new website)

21 June 2011 | talking about Announcements

new spicermatthews.com
Overall I am pretty ok with myself, and I am embarrassed with very few things in life. However, one thing that has embarrassed me for years has been my personal website and how little time and effort I have put into it. This embarrasses me for two reasons.

Reason one, I am always telling people they must get a personal site up. They must blog, they must share ideas, they must share with others “what they are selling”. Whenever a friend loses a job, my first advice always is: start a website now. No one cares about your resume. No one cares how good your cover letter is. Good employers, investors, advisers, partners, and so on will spend way more time getting to know you via your personal website. After giving all this advice I chose the first wordpress theme I could find and released. Very little thought into my personal brand. In 3 years of having a personal domain I invested practically no time on my site.

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Hello Blog World!!

30 March 2009 | talking about Announcements

I have written many different blogs and these blogs have been all over the place. I have the stock blog, the geek blog, the business blog. It has become confusing to say the lease. I love business, I love technology, I love finance. Everyday, I am obsessed with a different things. Why hide my randomness in different blogs. So as of today I am merging all my personal blogs into one blog. This one!! I will try to be organized in my categories so if you could careless about one of my topics you can filter it out.
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