Love Of Evernote & The Art Of Reflection

5 December 2010 | talking about Cloud Computing

Evernote & SkyLedgerI have never really been a note taker. For the most part I always have a pen and paper nearby in case I want to jot something down, but often I do not use them. I do not know what constitutes a good memory, but given the fact I can often remember most everything (minus names, spellings, and phone numbers) I am going to say I have a good memory.

This brings me to my new favorite product, Evernote. Evernote is a note taking solution that makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. I am going to go as far as naming it my 2nd favorite product of the year. My 1st favorite product is Skyclerk, of course!!

For over a year now I have been looking at Evernote thinking “cool product, I really want to use it, but I am not a note taker”. A few months ago I just took the plunge and started putting anything and everything into Evernote and my life has changed because the use of Evernote has taught me the art of reflection.

Evernote as a reflection tool has really opened up my mind. What do I mean by that? After any sort of meeting I will sit down in front of Evernote and replay the meeting in my head transcribing all relevant notes into it. As I write these notes and upload supporting material I am able to reflect about the meeting in ways I have never done before. “What was that person trying to get at?” “Did I come on too strong?” “Shit, I meant to tell the person XYZ”. Taking the time to make such reflections is really helping me grow in all aspects of my professional life. I think we all do those types of reflections in sort of a micro way as we jog our memories from time to time. Taking all these micro reflections and forcing yourself to combine them into an aggregated document to me seems so much more powerful.

The point of this posting is of course to highlight my new favorite tool but more importantly highlight the importance of taking the time to personally reflect on any interaction in our life that has something you can learn from or requires some future action on your part. Evernote is a tool that really jives with me. I am sure there are many other tools out there that do the same. Pick whatever tool or process that works for you and give it a shot.

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