Love Of Evernote & The Art Of Reflection

5 December 2010 | talking about Cloud Computing

Evernote & SkyLedgerI have never really been a note taker. For the most part I always have a pen and paper nearby in case I want to jot something down, but often I do not use them. I do not know what constitutes a good memory, but given the fact I can often remember most everything (minus names, spellings, and phone numbers) I am going to say I have a good memory.

This brings me to my new favorite product, Evernote. Evernote is a note taking solution that makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. I am going to go as far as naming it my 2nd favorite product of the year. My 1st favorite product is Skyclerk, of course!!

For over a year now I have been looking at Evernote thinking “cool product, I really want to use it, but I am not a note taker”. A few months ago I just took the plunge and started putting anything and everything into Evernote and my life has changed because the use of Evernote has taught me the art of reflection.
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AudioBox - Real Cloud Based Music

16 May 2010 | talking about Cloud Computing

When it comes to hardware and operating systems I am one of the biggest Apple fan boys out there. When it comes to software and control I am truly annoyed by Apple. As a side note I am an Apple share holder and I love what they do from a business stand point. Apple has held back music players for years. They released iTunes a long time ago and it blew all the music players out of the water. Back then compiled desktop based software was cool. Then they went full speed ahead with the Apple iTunes music store. This was amazing from a lets kill cds standpoint.

I have a library of music that I have gotten from all different sources; Amazon, iTunes, cd rips, and so on. I want to stuff all this music in one bloat free place and have it with me everywhere I go. If I am 100% an Apple user this place is iTunes, but I am not. I have an Android phone, a windows netbook, linux laptop, Apple desktop, Apple laptop. There is no easy way with iTunes to keep all these devices in sync when it comes to my music. Nor do I want my 13 Gig music stash living on all these devices. The service that was about to do all this was until Apple purchased them and closed them down. has sort of done it but their way of doing things is a little odd and they use way to much flash.
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My Top Technology List Of 2009

7 January 2010 | talking about Cloud Computing, Programming, Infrastructure

technology_v1Every geek blog I actively read posted a list of top technologies for 2009, so I thought I would be remissed if I did not do the same. These are technologies that really stepped it up or came to my attention in 2009 and became part of my everyday life both for work and personal used.
2009 was all about moving my life to the cloud. I determined early in 2009 it was stupid to ever store a file on my computer ever again. All my data should live in the cloud so I can have access to it everywhere I go, I can have access on any platform (think cell phone), I can easily share my data with people I want to share it with, and lastly I do not have to worry about backups (for the most part), and that is just what I have done.
Below is a list of my top 10 products that have changed my life in 2009. The first 6 are sort of consumer related and the last 4 are software developer related. So if you are not a software developer I am thinking you might only find the first 6 interesting.
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No More Compiled Software For Me

25 November 2009 | talking about Cloud Computing, Infrastructure

Cloud Computing As many of you know I am the founder and president of Cloudmanic Labs, LLC. At Cloudmanic Labs it is our goal to build web applications that traditionally were handled via compiled native software and stuff them in the Cloud. For a while now I have been not eating my own dog food (for a lack of a better term). I stilled was using a native mail client, still listening to my stored mp3s in iTunes, using word to type documents, still using some sort of compiled solution for a twitter client and so on. Then the recent preview release of Google's Chrome OS came out and it gave me a wake up call.
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