Love Of Evernote & The Art Of Reflection

5 December 2010 | talking about Cloud Computing

Evernote & SkyLedgerI have never really been a note taker. For the most part I always have a pen and paper nearby in case I want to jot something down, but often I do not use them. I do not know what constitutes a good memory, but given the fact I can often remember most everything (minus names, spellings, and phone numbers) I am going to say I have a good memory.

This brings me to my new favorite product, Evernote. Evernote is a note taking solution that makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web. I am going to go as far as naming it my 2nd favorite product of the year. My 1st favorite product is Skyclerk, of course!!

For over a year now I have been looking at Evernote thinking “cool product, I really want to use it, but I am not a note taker”. A few months ago I just took the plunge and started putting anything and everything into Evernote and my life has changed because the use of Evernote has taught me the art of reflection.
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