AudioBox - Real Cloud Based Music

16 May 2010 | talking about Cloud Computing

When it comes to hardware and operating systems I am one of the biggest Apple fan boys out there. When it comes to software and control I am truly annoyed by Apple. As a side note I am an Apple share holder and I love what they do from a business stand point. Apple has held back music players for years. They released iTunes a long time ago and it blew all the music players out of the water. Back then compiled desktop based software was cool. Then they went full speed ahead with the Apple iTunes music store. This was amazing from a lets kill cds standpoint.

I have a library of music that I have gotten from all different sources; Amazon, iTunes, cd rips, and so on. I want to stuff all this music in one bloat free place and have it with me everywhere I go. If I am 100% an Apple user this place is iTunes, but I am not. I have an Android phone, a windows netbook, linux laptop, Apple desktop, Apple laptop. There is no easy way with iTunes to keep all these devices in sync when it comes to my music. Nor do I want my 13 Gig music stash living on all these devices. The service that was about to do all this was until Apple purchased them and closed them down. has sort of done it but their way of doing things is a little odd and they use way to much flash.
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