No More Compiled Software For Me

25 November 2009 | talking about Cloud Computing, Infrastructure

Cloud Computing As many of you know I am the founder and president of Cloudmanic Labs, LLC. At Cloudmanic Labs it is our goal to build web applications that traditionally were handled via compiled native software and stuff them in the Cloud. For a while now I have been not eating my own dog food (for a lack of a better term). I stilled was using a native mail client, still listening to my stored mp3s in iTunes, using word to type documents, still using some sort of compiled solution for a twitter client and so on. Then the recent preview release of Google's Chrome OS came out and it gave me a wake up call.
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I Am Totally Jazzed On Appcelerator

17 November 2009 | talking about Mobile, Infrastructure

Take a look at my post over at Cloudmanic Labs.

Also take a look at the new stuff they are doing in Version 0.8

Titanium 0.8 Preview - Facebook Enhancements from Appcelerator Video Channel on Vimeo.

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