Why I Don’t Blog About Investing

25 July 2011 | talking about Stock Market

wall street imageI don’t blog much about investing in the the stock market. Which is odd because if you meet me in person I will talk your ear off about where I think the market is going or where I think the best investments are. The digital world might not know what an equities nut I am. I don’t blog much because unlike so many other topics I talk about I don’t see investing as a black or white type of thing. I am never 100% sure I know what I am doing. There are just so many data points. I never know if the data points that are important to me are the correct data points to look at. That is what makes a market, right? If we all were looking at the same data points and we all had the same point of view there would not be someone willing to be on the other side of my trades.

With that said I do not want to be another “talking head” telling the world why I am right and why they are wrong about an investment. More importantly I don’t want to get caught up in the rat hole of defending my thesis. There are already tons of “talking heads”; the world does not need me.

One of the things I hate about people who blog about particular investments is very often you do not know when they make the investment (if at all) and at what price. I love reading about what people are investing in as an idea generator, or as a rough sentiment measurement. Without a time frame, such postings are not really great guidance to what I should buy or sell.

On that note, I want to start writing more about strategy. Not, buy Apple at X and sell at Y. I want to engage conversations about types of investments, hedging, value, growth, and so on. Nothing new but I think the blogging world does not strategize enough. Lets talk about buying leap options instead of common stock. Lets talk about capital allocation. Lets talk about how to build good investment thesis. Lets talk about stuff that will educate us to be better investors.

I like reading the blogs of venture capitalist. They often don’t write about “buy Groupon now”. They discuss the nuts and bolts of venture capital. “How do you build a good board of directors”, “How do you raise money”, “How do you get a meeting with a VC” and so on. When a VC blogs about these more strategy type topics it opens up the conversation. It is not about agreeing or disagreeing it is about adding to the conversation “Great strategy! Have you thought about XYZ? It worked for me”. I think the stock bloggers could take some lessons from VC bloggers.

The Internet is littered with “talking heads” giving stock picks. These postings have very little value and expire pretty quickly. I hope in the future we can have more quality content around strategy, which have long term value, spark smarter conversation, and expire at a much slower rate. In the coming months I plan to blog more about what is on my mind in terms of strategy to help re-engage my public voice on stock market investing.

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