Take The Bull By Its Horn

17 January 2010 | talking about Small Business, Stock Market

take-the-bull-by-the-horns Something that has been frustrating me more than anything in the last year. With the slower economy I have been able to spend more time just talking to people; strangers, family, friends, and just about anyone else that has something to say. Being a business person the conversation often heads down the path of success and how to achieve it, but so many people I talk to don't want it bad enough. They would rather talk about it then do it. I am not just talking about building a business. I am talking about getting a job if they are unemployed, upgrading your current job, or starting a business.
When the economy tanked in 2008 I more or less lost my job. Every project I was working on dried up and went away. I like 10% of America right now I did not have the ability to collect unemployment, so I had to make a big shift in how I as going to support my self almost over night. Luckily, I was ready and the shift was something I was able to make quickly. I will get to what helped me in my shift in a second, but first a little rant. I have talked to so many people that are on unemployment and they are doing nothing with their lives. They talk about how they want to use this time to better themselves. They talk about the businesses they are going to build during this time. They talk about the personal brand building they are going to do to help them upgrade their employment when they go back to work, but they spend a great deal of time sitting on their ass playing video games or something.

Just Get Off Your Butt And Start Building

The key to bettering yourself in this context is to just get working on you goal and never quit, and more importantly never discount anything. Every little aspect about what you are doing maters. For example; I tell a lot of people looking for a job or looking to upgrade there job to start building their Internet personal brand. Start a blog, upgrade your Facebook page, start a Linkedin page, heck start tweeting. I hear over and over again; "That stuff does not matter in my industry", "The people looking at my resume don't know what a computer is", "Yeah that would be nice but there are better things for me to do". I am officially calling each one of you out on this. You got 90 year old grandmas on facebook, you are living in a cave if you have never Googled someone, and lastly how does it hurt? This is one little example of something you should be working on late at night to help in your building process. This a way better use of your time then trying to get to the next level on what ever your video game of the week is.
Most importantly, how does it hurt (I will say it again)? If you build an amazing web life and your future employer, investor, customer never reads it how does it hurt? You got a few less hours a week playing video games? Our lives are moving to the web. I promise you in a few years you will be giving urls to future employers instead of paper resumes or emailed pdf copies. Why would I review a one page bulleted list of how cool you are when I can go to your personal sites and find out who you really are; can you write, do you spend more time talking about how drunk you were last night or do you really reflect on the issues of your industry?

Don't Discount Anything, Learn/Do It All

Don't discount any aspect of what your goal might be. I talk to so many people about how they want to start investing in Real Estate, and then I start talking to them about the stock market, or banking industry. 9 times out of 10 I get "I do not know anything about that stuff nor do I care I just want to focus on Real Estate". WTF!!!! What the hell do you think Real Estate is? It is an investment and there are so many factors about that investment. The stock market, the banking industry, politics, employment rates, and so all really drive that industry. The people I talk to that realize that Real Estate revolves around these things tend to tell me they can not control it so they just ignore it. Maybe in some cases you really can not control it like you could control the details of a purchase of a new investment property but I believe you should truly understand the external factors so you can make worthwhile decisions and therefore studying these things are important. It just blows my mind that people shut down when they are working towards a goal of building something. Why would you shut anything down. I say you want to work on and absorb all aspects of what you are trying to build.
This posting sort of went all over the place, but the main point is, if you are trying to build a better future for yourself take the bull by its horns. Work night and day towards your goal, even if what ever you are studying or creating seems worthless do it anyway. Anything you do or study you should ask your self one question, "If I do this will it hurt my goal in anyway, or if I study this and learn this will it hurt my goal in anyway". If you answer yes to either question don't do it, but I find it hard to believe there is much out there you would consider that could hurt your goals.  Never stop pushing towards your goals and never discount any aspect of your goals, and that is how I continue to keep doors opening for me

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