Stealing Is Ok! Might Even Make You Rich

2 March 2010 | talking about Internet, Leadership

Paul Wagner, (CEO of Forkfly), sent me this YouTube video today of Steve Jobs talking about how they build products. He outright says he looks around at what others are doing and shamelessly steals them. Apple then takes the stolen ideas and puts their own twist on the product often makes it much much better.

Through my past client work, and now through my work with startups I am constantly running into people that want to reinvent the wheel. They want to start from the ground up as if there are no great ideas out there to steal. In the web world I am very very confident that if you are trying to build something there is an idea you can steal and make better. I think every project should start with finding an example to build from. I don't believe in just trying to build something without a stolen idea as the foundation.

Also, this video reminds me of something else from my client work days. I had many clients approach me with a level of urgency, "If we do not get this product live in 30 days we have lost our window and someone will beat us to the market". Apple, has beaten no one to market. In fact they are always the last ones to come to market. They sit back and wait and learn from everyone else then come to market with something better than everyone else.

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