I Think I Am Going To Buy Crush It By Gary Vaynerchuck

22 October 2009 | talking about Internet, Small Business

book-header-transI just watched a great interview of Gary Vaynerchuk by Rick Turoczy (@turoczy) at his blog Silicon Florist. I watch Gary a bunch on the internet but unlike many things I see seek out I have never drank the Gary Vaynerchuk Kool Aid. Often when I find a blog or some great site I get all hyped up on it and visit the site everyday.  I have always been a random passer by'er of http://tv.winelibrary.com so I never really understood why everyone was getting all jazzed on his new book CurshIt.

Lately my twitter client has been blowing up with talk about CrushIt. Had no idea it was about how Gary built his business. I thought it was more talk about wine. When it comes to wine I either like it or  I don't. No idea how to classify it or talk all classy about it. So now I am interested. I am purchasing the book. I look forward to reading it. Maybe it will make the "Spicer Matthews Must Read List" (coming soon to a blog near you).

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