Elevation Fitness In Private Beta

6 March 2010 | talking about Internet

I can not express how excited I am about Elevation Fitness. A product designed for personal trainers to keep track of their clients. I have been working on this project with an amazing team of people for over 2 years, and I am happy to say we went into private beta this week.

Elevation attempts to do away with paper and pencil for personal trainers and move their client management to the Cloud, where all software should be. If you are interested please signup for the private beta and let me know what you think.


For those friends that have asked me over the last few years what I have been working on, this is it. Now that we are in private beta I am looking forward to engaging our users and learning more about how I/We can make this an even better product.

Also, a special thanks to everyone that has supported me/us along the way on this project.

tags: startups, saas, cloudmanic labs, fitness, elevation

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