I Think I Am Going To Buy Crush It By Gary Vaynerchuck

22 October 2009 | talking about Internet, Small Business

I just watched a great interview of Gary Vaynerchuk by Rick Turoczy (@turoczy) at his blog Silicon Florist. I watch Gary a bunch on the internet but unlike many things I see seek out I have never drank the Gary Vaynerchuk Kool Aid. Often when I find a blog or some great site I get all hyped up on it and visit the site everyday. I have always been a random passer by'er of http://tv.winelibrary.com so I never really understood why everyone was getting all jazzed on his new book CurshIt.
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Ideas Have No Value!!  Get Over It!!

3 October 2009 | talking about Small Business

So I have been around the block a few times. I have been involved with big well funded, well organized companies and I have been involved with just a few guys and an idea type companies. More often than I would like I run into people that have an idea, sometimes even a good idea. So many times all they have is an idea. No money or resources to execute the idea. I would like to make it very clear, IDEAS HAVE NO VALUE!!!
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