Triangulations that Make Me Spicer

If I had to summarize myself in 3 words they would be: business, investing, and technology. These are not three independent parts of my life, rather they are a complete merger of what gets me out of bed everyday. Even at a young age I started to focus on how to optimize business & investing practices using technology.

At age 15 I organized the inventory of my skateboard shop using custom software. I wrote property management software to manage my real estate investments at age 20. Five years later, I built custom software to manage the projects in my real estate development firm, resulting in bottom line increase of 15%. Today, I am deeply focused on continuing that merger that defines me, including in my work as CEO of Cloudmanic Labs.

After spending the first 18 years of my life in upstate New York I moved to Portland, Oregon. While picking my new home I had 3 requirements: amazing engineering school, tons of snowboarding, and a city of opportunity. Portland was the only city that offered this. While working on an engineering degree at Portland State University I snowboarded at Mt. Hood, and focused on building my portfolio of business, and technology investments.

If you corner me in a bar and try to strike up a conversation with me about the cute girl across the room you might be a little shocked that I will often deflect the inquiry and try to get your thoughts on some investment trend. This is not because I don't think the girl is cute. This is not because I am happily married to Carolina Matthews. This is because I just can not stop thinking about business, investment, and technology.

When people ask me why I am so focused on such "boring things", I often say "because my Dad did not play catch with me". My father was a 3rd generation entrepreneur who also had a deep focus on being a participant in our capitalistic society. While I do not think he ever sat me down to teach me formally, tons of lessons rubbed off on me over the years.

I love learning from others, helping people fill voids, and network building. My door is always open. Pop me an email. Send me a tweet. Hit me up on facebook.

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  • Snowboarding
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I love helping startups get off the ground and I take on consulting projects from time to time. I have consulted for Code Green, Portland State University, Downstream, and more. My business background combined with my crazy pasion for web programing delivers a rather robust toolbox of skills.

If you would like to hire me please contact me by using the form above or emailing me at